Brook Miller: Familiar


Track listing

  1. What You Know [ Play clip ]
  2. You Can See Everything [ Play clip ]
  3. There You Are
  4. Everywhere
  5. Familiar - Piano version
  6. You Shake It Off [ Play clip ]
  7. A.M. Song
  8. Two Soldiers
  9. Say That Dear
  10. Familiar - Guitar version [ Play clip ]
  11. Quiet Night [ Play clip ]


Brooke Miller, this exhilarating Canadian singer/songwriter grew up in the maritime province of Prince Edward Island off Canada's East coast. The rich timbre of her voice and the quality of the guitar sound while entirely unique, resonates with influences ranging from Bruce Cockburn to Joni Mitchell. The rhythmic, catching melodies with fresh elements of folk and a dash of country evoke the oceanic grandeur of her homeland.

"MillerŐs latest project, "Familiar" has something different this time. She and husband/musician Dan Ross) have traveled to Germany to work with producer/engineer Gunter Pauler at Stockfisch Records. With leaner arrangements (mostly acoustic guitar and voice) of her catalogue, the organic alchemy of her natural folk-based material with the state-of-the-art SACD mastering technology is a collection of intimate songs that connect to the listener." Robbie Gerson / Audiophile Audition


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