David Munyon: Poet wind

>David Munyon:  Poet wind

Track listing

  1. Poet Wind
  2. Shiva's Smile
  3. Snowin' On Raton
  4. Dorothy Harris
  5. Leaving The Scene Of A Heartbreak
  6. In India
  7. Save The Whales In Placerville And Hickston
  8. Guitar Road
  9. The Pirate Song
  10. From Just An Old Man
  11. Save The World


David Munyon's first tour of Germany in 1994 left behind audiences that were too moved for words. He has turned his stories and experiences into more than 400 songs, which he sings with introspection, tenderness and an unbelievable intensity.

Townes van Zandt, Lee Clayton, John Prine and Randy Newman may have been some of Munyon's varied influences, but "Not since Neil Young’s 'Ragged Glory' have the hearts of Rock ‘n’ Roll Folkies been so touched" (this written in the German newspaper "Die ZEIT").


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