European Auto Sound Association: Evaluation Disc

European Auto Sound Association:  Evaluation Disc

Track listing

  1. Left-right test
  2. Pink noise phase test
  3. Chris Jones: No sanctuary here
  4. Steve Strauss: Youngstown
  5. Allan Taylor and Chris Jones: The Tennessee Waltz
  6. Sara K: I can't stand the rain
  7. Eugene Ruffolo: Beyond love
  8. Steve Strauss: Closer
  9. Ewen Carruthers: The amber room
  10. Bassface Swing Trio: Embraceable you
  11. Blue Chamber Quartet: Children's song 12 and 16
  12. Gergerly Boganyi: Nocturne Es-Dur Op 9 Nr 2
  13. Piano chord (Mono)
  14. Sinus 50Hz
  15. Sinus 315Hz
  16. Sinus 500Hz
  17. Sinus 2500Hz
  18. Pink noise


This disc allows extensive tests to be performed to evaluate sound systems. However we are sure that you will be enticed to purchase it for the music first and foremost. It contains spectacular selections from existing albums as well as test signals.


[ Format: CD ]

[ Cost: R250.00 ]

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