Allan Taylor: Hotels and dreamers

Allan Taylor:  Hotels and dreamers

Track listing

  1. The Beat hotel
  2. The stranger
  3. Frenchtown [ Play clip ]
  4. Los compañeros
  5. For those we knew
  6. Running on dreams
  7. The Mission hotel
  8. For what it's worth
  9. Some dreams
  10. Pearls and wine
  11. When time is short


"Hotels and Dreamers" was voted by the jury of Folker! Music Magazine as the number one CD on their list of best albums of the year 2004.

Eleven impressive songs by the "traveler", reflecting his "lessons learned along the way", sung with his typical voice full of character, accompanied by well known musicians playing tasteful arrangements.

Allan says this about his new CD: "Iíve got a whole lot of dreams and I can dream for you"; hotels for the lost and the lonely and the night-time lovers of good times, singing and trading songs and guitar licks and fiddle tunes and stories of the road all played out in the Mission Hotel for the waitress who "dreams in the kitchen and stands real close to the door"; back to where it began at number 9 Rue Git-le-Coeur, Paris, home of the Beats who started me on this road."


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