Welcome to Stockfisch Records (South Africa)

Stockfisch Records produce some of the finest audiophile software available to the public. Meticulous care is taken at every stage of the production. From the recording sessions through the final presentation of the product, Stockfisch engineers ensure the very best possible replay.

Whether you are committed to vinyl playback, support the latest digital technologies, or both, you can be sure that whichever Stockfisch title you listen to, is the best example of recorded music for that particular format.

The Stockfisch catalogue is exclusively available in South Africa through Stockfisch Records South Africa. Prospective buyers please note: The only appointed dealer is A Sound Experience. There are some other South African hi-fi businesses who claim to be agents for Stockfisch Records products. As sole distributor of Stockfisch Records products in South Africa we can assure you that we have not appointed these entities as resellers of our products. Such entities do harm to the industry and prospectice clients are advised to avoid purchasing from these persons.


My association with Stockfisch Records started when I was loaned a copy of Sara K's "Water Falls" album. Despite never having heard of the Stockfisch label or the artist, I could sense that this was going to be special. The presentation of the album alone was sufficient to convince me that this was not a standard commercial production and that something very special was about to be heard.

The words "Direct Metal Master" took me back many years when this technique was used, although sometimes received with mixed feelings. The sleeve notes showed however that this company knows what it is doing. The opening notes confirmed my opinion that vinyl replay is certainly as strong as ever and that boundaries can be pushed to produce brilliant recordings. To this day, "Water Falls" probably remains the vinyl record by which most others are judged.

On securing distribution rights for Stockfisch Records in South Africa and receiving the first order from the German company in Northeim, any ideas I may have had that the digital formats (CD and SACD) are clinical and lifeless, as many people claim, were dispelled forever. Today all the Stockfisch products, whether in vinyl, CD, SACD, XRCD, DVD or BluRay formats, happily co-exist in my system. And all of them sound sublime. The system is certainly not an expensive one but the components simply gel perfectly. That means much more than having the most expensive components!


Browse the catalogue and place your order today. Then you will realise how your system should sound!

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