Sara K: Made in the shade

Sara K:  Made in the shade

Track listing

  1. What's a little more rain [ Sample... ]
  2. After there's a blizzard
  3. Aura of the blade
  4. Gypsy eyes
  5. Your name [ Sample... ]
  6. Watching you fall into sleep
  7. Manchild
  8. Made in the shade
  9. Sizzlin'
  10. Don't I know you from somewhere? [ Sample... ]
  11. When I didn't care [ Sample... ]
  12. There it is


This SACD contains a CD-Hybrid layer, DSD Stereo and DSD Surround Sound. The album's twelve tracks are a quite delightful mix, with one song especially outstanding in its beauty: "Made in the Shade", devoted to Sara K's fellow artist and kindred spirit Chris Jones who died in 2005.

Surely one of her very best, maybe the best, and probably the last, it is certainly no less than sensational. Like good wine, this one has it all that inner glow, that shining light that is the true sign of real art. Guitars, exotic instruments including the harp form an ideal backdrop for the singer with Sara K sounding articulate to the highest degree, her performance mature, completely lacking any harshness whatsoever. This is passion in control. Gentlemen, get hit by that power of a heavyweight champion coming in a velvety disguise.

This is probably the last album this remarkable singer will ever produce. We salute the "queen of audiophile" for her immense contribution and wish her all of the best.


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