Mike Silver: Heaven in mind

Mike Silver:  Heaven in mind

Track listing

  1. Heaven [ Play clip ]
  2. Who Wants To Be The One?
  3. Wrong Side Of Midnight
  4. Fly Me To The Moon/Unchained Melody
  5. Love Potion No. 9
  6. Breaking The Silence
  7. Midnight Train
  8. You
  9. The Dove And The Dolphin
  10. Main Man's Ear
  11. Maybe It's Just Love
  12. Waiting In Your Heart
  13. Tumble Of Love


This fine, superb sounding CD, made even more admirable by contributions from Chris Jones and other musicians, is in fact an almost typical Stockfisch publication. As a work of art rich in content, Mike Silver’s new work cannot be compared to anyone else's at present.

On his new album the sensitive singer and poet gives a close analysis of the state of human relationships and puts them in the shape of sophisticated melodies. These are not tunes to be sung along readily but which linger in the memory.


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