Sara K and Chris Jones: Nautilus Tour Live 2002

Sara K and Chris Jones:  Nautilus Tour Live 2002

Track listing

  1. Intro
  2. Would you break my heart
  3. Step on mine
  4. In the fall (Maggie's dream)
  5. Stop those bells
  6. Anymore
  7. Turned my upside down
  8. Running away from you
  9. He got you
  10. Water falls
  11. What matters
  12. Vincent


On 19 October 2002 Sara K performed together with Chris Jones at the ARTmax in Braunschweig, Germany. The concert was captured both on video and on (digital) tape for the Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus Tour DVD. The live atmosphere of this performance (an additional concert especially organized by B&W) comes across both aurally and visually amazingly well.

"Recording a live DVD is truly an adventure, with many potential surprises Ė the artistís performance, audience reaction, acoustic environment, sound technology and the interaction of all these parameters. After only a few moments, it was clear that Sara K and Chris Jones were delivering one of their finest performances ever and that the audience was completely under their spell. The hallís abundance of glass and stone surfaces produced a bright and transparent sound, with an overtone-rich room response and a 2-second natural reverb. Consequently, there was no artificial reverb added during mixing. The acoustic authenticity of this recording is mainly thanks to four B & W Nautilus 801 loudspeakers, driven by four Classť CA-401 power amplifiers, delivering a breathtakingly uncoloured sound to the audience. Thanks to the 801ís remarkable radial dispersion, the musicians were able to hear themselves perfectly, without any need for additional monitoring. This phenomena enabled a more intense dynamic interplay between the musicians on stage and furthermore eliminated the problem of sound colouration caused by monitor speakers 'bleeding' over the vocal microphones. The final result is a recording without compression or additional EQ-ing, with remarkable dynamics and an exceptionally authentic sound". - Gunter Pauler


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