Chris Jones: Moonstruck & No looking back

Moonstruck & No looking back

Track listing

  1. Long After You're Gone
  2. Would Not Have it Any Other Way
  3. Ain't Got Love
  4. Hard Times
  5. Long Long Journey
  6. Looking for Words
  7. God Save the Child
  8. Love is the Answer
  9. Borderline
  10. Transcontinental Post-Nativity Blues
  11. Angel From Montgomery
  12. Maria's Lullaby
  13. Where Are You Going
  14. Morning Light
  15. No Looking Back
  16. Moving You Out
  17. Willing
  18. Anny
  19. The Road
  20. Good Reason
  21. The Nightingale Song
  22. Bottle Song


The extraordinary guitarist that has appeared on many Stockfisch productions, Chris Jones produced his double-CD release in the winter of 1999/2000. He was assisted by some great musicians, among them Michael Sagmeister and Viktor Smolski.

This special edition release includes the millennium release "Moonstruck" along with his first solo album from 1982 "No Looking Back".

Moonstruck contains moving ballads such as Long Long Journey, Angel from Montgomery and Maria's Lullaby. The No Looking Back disc finds Jones playing songs from composers such as Lowell George, Tim Wood, Danny O'Keefe, and Paul Stephenson.


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