Paul O'Brien and Uli Kringler Trio: Studio sessions

Paul O'Brien and Uli Kringler Trio: Studio sessions

Track listing

  1. Walk Back Home
  2. American Car
  3. Madrona
  4. Berlin at 5


Paul O'Brien is a songwriter with deep roots and broad horizons. An English-born child of Irish immigrants now living in British Columbia, he cut his teeth on Irish music. His musical roots, his experiences as an immigrant, musician and teacher, his natural instinct for humour and storytelling, and his empathy for the underdog have combined to produce an insightful and entertaining artist.

An exclusive vinyl release includes four songs with Paul OŽBrien accompanied by the Uli Kringler Trio! Recorded live at Stockfisch Studioon 23 September 2009, during the concert tour of Paul OŽBrien & Uli Kringler Trio with no edits and no overdubs.


[ Format: 180 gram DMM, 45rpm LP ]

[ Cost: R230.00 ]

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