Paul Stephenson: Light green ball

Paul Stephenson:  Light green ball

Track listing

  1. Underground
  2. No lie
  3. Shushi now
  4. Maybe today
  5. Going to Martinique
  6. The man is a fool
  7. Heaven on earth
  8. Moon in the glass
  9. If you want my love
  10. The way to Santiago
  11. Man of some wisdom
  12. Nightingale song


Light Green Ball was voted by the jury of FOLKER music magazine as the #5 CD on their list of best albums of the year 2002.

Paul Stephenson and Chris Jones harmonize wonderfully - a guitar sound that is in a class by itself. Three different bass players appeared on Light Green Ball: Hans-Jörg Maucksch (Fretless), Grischka Zepf (Electric 5- and 6-string) and Michael Cammann (Double Bass). The album also features the multi-instrumentalist Beo Brockhausen, who played 13(!) different instruments in the course of this production: soprano sax, darabuka, hurdy-gurdy, percussion, bamboo clarinet, low whistle, tin whistle, accordion, sarod, hammered-dulcimer, bowed psaltery, shaker and mandola. Also appearing were Martin Huch (dobro), Mike Silver (backing vocals), Anne Marie Harer, Birgit Rieck, Christoph Harer (strings) and Christine Maringer-Tries (backing vocals).

Paul Stephenson on his influences - "I grew up in the northeast of England and my first musical heroes were the Beatles. I'm still a fan of McCartney's songs and Lennon's granny glasses. My other big hero is James Taylor. JT runs like a golden thread through my friends in musical circles (including the acoustic guitar world's best-kept secret, Chris Jones) and my musical taste - he was first produced by McCartney, worked with lots of the other great American songwriters of the 1960s and '70s and has another big fan from the northeast of England called Sting (the nearest I have to a third musical hero). I learned to play the guitar listening to my heroes plus Simon & Garfunkel, Dylan and, from this side of the Atlantic, Ralph McTell and other folkies."

"Light Green Ball" is a wonderful collection of songs recorded in audiophile-quality.


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