Paul Stephenson: These days

Paul Stephenson:  These days

Track listing

  1. These days [ Play clip ]
  2. Engineering Frank
  3. Not long now
  4. Don't mind if you do
  5. Captain of the loving kind
  6. Ready to rain
  7. The making of Zachary
  8. Millionaire
  9. Perfect place
  10. Love you not, love you true
  11. Big meeting day


The singer-song writer from Durham, England, now living in France, presents his second CD "These Days". All those who, two years ago, felt like struck by lightning by Stephenson’s first CD "Light Green Ball" will find again so many things which are easy to love – the Beatles, James Taylor, being head over heels in love on a glorious spring day.

How does the sensitive Englishman’s song-writing work? Stephenson takes stories he has lived through himself or has been told by others, and poeticizes his material into a finely woven texture so appealing that one feels like singing along with Paul on first listening to his songs.

As usual Stockfisch’s renowned musicians on this CD deliver the whole spectrum between the slightest sonic impressionism and the bold, dynamic brushstrokes of the artist-composer.

A true mark of genius is to be found in the last track with its joyful tune reminiscent of folk dances of old – then fading into the noise of fireworks. Even in the midst of summer you can feel the icy air of winter, typically full of fire, smoke and champagne to be drunk in a "wonderful world".

"Light Green Ball” was a poem, and this is also true of "These Days”. Like planning a journey into the unknown with the friends of one’s golden youth, perhaps a journey to one’s own self. Verse of a time full of promise, written of what was or what could have been. Maybe you will find your loved ones there too? In Paul Stephenson’s music the answer is a comforting "yes", beautiful like light itself, captured in the cut of a diamond: Heaven on Earth Today.


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