Sara K and Chris Jones: Live in concert

Sara K and Chris Jones:  Live in concert

Track listing

  1. Dementi
  2. Would you break my heart?
  3. Anymore
  4. All your love (turned to passion)
  5. In the fall (Maggie's dream)
  6. Turned my upside down
  7. Stop those bells
  8. Ball 'n joint
  9. Running away from you
  10. He got you
  11. Water falls
  12. Blind-hearted
  13. Vincent


This CD was chosen as No.1 among the audiophile CDs from the readers of "AUDIO/stereoplay" for the HIFI MUSIC AWARD 2003!

Live-Power – two guitars and the voice of Sara K., spontaneously virtuoso improvisations, no overdubs – wow!

In order to properly document the Nautilus-Tour in May/June 2002, Günter Pauler took along his "portable" studio – digital multi-track technology of the highest order, with which he recorded all 25 concerts. After listening to the tapes, the decision was unanimous – the concert in Erlangen's City Hall on June 15th, 2002 topped them all. The performance, atmosphere and sheer energy that Sara and Chris presented here was simply overwhelming.

This Stockfisch-CD, is a must-have, not only for folks that experienced this incredible show.


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