Spirit of Gambo: The Galaxy recordings

Spirit of Gambo:  The Galaxy recordings

Track listing

  1. Johan Schenk: 1.-7 Suite G major (Scherzi Musicali)
  2. Christiaen Herwich: 8. Eerste Stuck "voor de fiool de Gamba"
  3. Schenk: 9.-13. Sonata VI (Le Nymphe di Rheno)
  4. Herwich: 14. Tweede Stuck "voor de fiool de Gamba"
  5. Schenk: 15.-20. Sonata III (L’Echo du Danube)
  6. Herwich: 21. Derde Stuck "voor de fiool de Gamba"
  7. Philippus Hacquart: 22.-25.Suite in D major


For this Hybrid-SACD the internationally acclaimed ensemble The Spirit of Gambo recorded Dutch music for viola da gamba from the 17th century: Accompanied by violin and harpsichord they perform compositions from the viola da gamba virtuosos Johan Schenk, Christiaen Herwich and Philippus Hacquart.

The special sound of the gambas, the pieces sparkling with musical versatility and the musicians of The Spirit of Gambo performing with incredible virtuosity form the fascination of this SACD - likewise relaxing and exciting for the listener. For this recording, we chose a specialised room with defined room acoustics and an extreme isolation: The large concert hall of the GALAXY studios in Mol, Belgium. The complete studio complex is suspended upon gigantic steel springs that absorb low frequencies down to 3 Hz. Extraneous noise outside the building is dampened by more than 100 dB.

We installed our own state of the art technology for recording in this hall and so had the ideal ambience for the 3 types of recording configurations to be presented on a 3 layer Hybrid SACD for optimal comparison.

A Meitner emmLABs 24-bit, 8ch A/D converter was responsible for the conversion to PCM for the CD layer of the SACD. he DSD conversion for the stereo programme was meticulously handled by the excellent AX24 1-bit converter from Digital Audio Denmark. The AX24 converted both signals from the main microphones to a true DSD signal. Listeners who have a SACD player will thoroughly enjoy the purest, technically non-manipulated, 2 channel versions of these recordings.

The 3rd layer of the SACD contains a 5.0 surround mix using all the microphones to reproduce the acoustical ambience in the concert hall of the GALAXY studios.


[ Format: SACD with CD layer, playable on any CD player ]

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