Steve Straus: Powderhouse Road

Steve Straus:  Powderhouse Road

Track listing

  1. Mr. Bones [ Mr Bones ]
  2. Argyle Bridge
  3. Mississippi Mud
  4. Flesh And Blood
  5. Haunted Melody
  6. When You're Gone
  7. Magpie On The Gallows
  8. Two By Two
  9. In The Morning
  10. The Puppet Opera
  11. This Again
  12. Rainbirds
  13. Jerusalem


The songs of this singer-songwriter from New York demonstrate an unusual depth and sensitivity. His unique vocal delivery simultaneously fascinates and polarizes neutrality is not an option. This exceptional album features (among many others) Hans Hartmann (double bass), Chris Jones (guitar & dobro), Nils Tuxen (pedal steel) and Detour (vocals).


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