Sara K: Water Falls

Track listing

  1. Russian Dialogue Chattanooga Choochoo
  2. Running Away From You
  3. Turned My Upside Down [ Play clip ]
  4. The Painter
  5. Water Falls
  6. (Would You) Break My Heart
  7. Step On Mine
  8. Destination
  9. All Your Love (Turned to Passion)
  10. In the Fall (Maggie's Dream)
  11. Blind Hearted
  12. Anymore


Folk-Pop, Jazz-Blues, Scat-Vocals and just a hint of avant-garde: Sara K., the singer-songwriter based in Santa Fe, New Mexico (originally from Dallas, Texas), has never paid much attention to musical 'borders'. With her excitingly expressive voice and 4-string guitar, she occupies a niche that is no less unique than the stories she sings. Sara has lived these stories, is right in the middle of them and relates them from the heart – warm, personal and moving.

With this personal stamp, her musical and vocal versatility and the incredible warmth and clarity of her songs, Sara has created a fan-base in Germany that extends far beyond the borders of the guitar genre. Her desire for perfection, both in the studio and on stage, has also enabled her to sing and play her way into the hearts of the hi-fidelity gourmets.

"On "Water Falls" "Sara K. once again presents herself brilliantly as one of the top singer-songwriters, combining the elegance of a Joni Mitchell with the forcefulness of a Tracy Chapman. Pauler and Sara have pulled out all the stops of modern studio technology here. An analysis of the opulent multi-track recordings reveals a very open sound with no hard edges, airy and unbelievably dynamic – in all, Stockfisch Records´ "singing" calling card. - Matthias Inhoffen in Stereoplay 6/2002

"Her beautiful writing is something one must experience themselves. Her high sweet but dirty voice is one not to pass up. Her unique style of guitar and music in general is one to take her much further than following the crowd would." - Blues On Stage


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