Sara K: Water Falls

Track listing

  1. Russian Dialogue Chattanooga Choochoo
  2. Running Away From You
  3. Turned My Upside Down
  4. The Painter
  5. Water Falls
  6. (Would You) Break My Heart
  7. Step On Mine
  8. Destination
  9. All Your Love (Turned to Passion)
  10. In the Fall (Maggie's Dream)
  11. Blind Hearted
  12. Anymore


This vinyl version of Sara K.'s "Water Falls" contains brand-new material, some of it composed in Northeim. The CD has received overwhelmingly positive critiques: "Water Falls is possibly the best album to appear on the market out of this scene in the last 2 or 3 years." Stockfisch is pleased to announce the release of "Water Falls" as a Double-Vinyl LP of uncompromising quality. An experience in a class of its own for all friends of the analogue LP.

Aspects that make this album technically special are the following:

  • Super quiet surfaces
  • Prefectly flat pressing
  • Generous space allowed as the album spans four sides
  • Lavish presentation with high resolution details about the DMM process.


[ Format: 180 gram DMM vinyl 2LP ]

[ Cost: R450.00 ]

[ Product availability: In stock and available for order ]